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Image by Jessica Lewis


Home Decor


The Perfect size and the excellent shelf life of the Indiana Pearl pear, together with its exceptional flavour, make this the perfect fruit to add to any lunchbox.

Image by Kouji Tsuru

Winery Food

Winery Food.  Include only the best fruit to pair with the perfect wine, by adding the Indianna Pearl pair to your winery food.

Image by Caroline Hernandez

Smoothies and Juices

The Indiana Pearl pear can be added to your daily smoothie to add exceptional flavour, and added health benefits.

Image by Brooke Lark

Fruit Platters

Include Indiana Pearl pear in your fruit platters.  The health benefits and amazing colouring of this unique fruit will complete your fruit platter nicely.

Image by Chen Mizrach

Healthy Eating

With its health properties, together with all of its other benefits, include the Inidana Pearl into your daily diet, as part of your fruit intake.

Image by Brooke Lark

Healthy Living

Indiana Pearl promoting healthy living, by adding this delicious healthy fruit to your day.

Image by Jenny Hill
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